A Catholic Woman’s Place is in the Home

Based on GC Dilsaver's book The Three Marks of Manhood, a woman's place is in the home not because she is not good enough for the world but because she is too good for it. In the home we can be as Catholic as we want to be forming families in truth. A man needs to...

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Patriarchal Devotion to the Wife

Based on GC Dilsaver's book Three Marks of Manhood,  a man's familial devotion should be toward his wife.  In that, he protects her and keeps her spotless as St. Paul tells us.  She is allowed to stay home and sheltered from the profanities of the world....

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The Heart of the Home

The roles of husband and wife in marriage are separate and distinct.  Pope Pius XI said that the husband is the head, and the wife is the heart.  Both are critical and vital parts of the body, and when either is neglected it could spell death to the family....

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