We strongly advocate homeschooling for Catholic families, and it is becoming increasingly more critical for the protection of our children. Most recently the headlong dive into “transgenderism” is being hoisted upon children.  What was at first introduced a phenomenon among adults has driven its way into schools and children at an alarmingly high rate of speed.  On top of school violence, access to girls’ restrooms and dressing rooms by boys, sexual harassment, and the removal of anything Godly from schools, this further makes the case of the need to shelter our children.  As Mike Church would say “Satan is coming for your children, and he isn’t taking ‘No” for an answer.”  Protect your children.

So obviously as part of homeschooling the mom has to be able to stay home with the children.  Which means the dad has to be able to support the family.  Parents, prepare your older children to orient their own educational and career pursuits accordingly.

We have numerous resources here toward both of these pursuits.  Here are some of our videos on homeschooling.

God bless you.