Marriage is the primary emphasis of Fix the Family because it is so misunderstood and fragile today. First of all marriage is a Sacrament between one man and one woman that is permanent. It is not subject to divorce, and adultery is an offense to its sanctity.  The relationship in marriage is an intimate one among husband, wife, and God. So any outside interference including pornography or devices is a perversion and degradation of the Sacramental bond. The intimacy of the couple should always be loving and open to life. This makes contraception an abuse of the marital act that is only self-serving to the spouses. It is mortal sin and brings evil into marriage, family, and home. Couples should be open to having children and only use natural means of postponing pregnancies for serious reasons. Children should be seen as a blessing that enriches the couple and the family.

The husband is the head of his wife, and she must be submissive to his authority as provided by Scripture and Church Tradition. The husband must not abuse this authority he possesses but exercise it dutifully in the protection and providing for the wife and children under his charge. He should see his headship as a Sacred duty for which he will be held accountable before God. The father of the home takes on the primary role of disciplinarian of the children.

Likewise the wife must submit to her husband “as to the Lord” (Eph 5:22) so her submission must be cheerful and genuine. She must show her trust by supporting him in the decisions he is required to make for the good of the family God has entrusted to him.

God places the wife with her husband as a “help-meet” to support him, encourage him in his responsibilities, and be his cheerleader, his biggest fan. She has the ability to build her husband up to be a great servant of God and society. She must not show disrespect or undermine his authority with sarcasm or criticism, nagging or complaining. She must not manipulate him by withholding intimacy. These evil acts will only serve to discourage him and destroy his confidence..