One thing’s for sure, Satan has certainly had his way with today’s woman.  Now that’s not necessarily anything new as Satan’s first attack point on God’s creation of humanity was woman as she was the radiance of God’s beauty.  Lucifer having been the most beautiful of all angels became severely jealous of Eve and sought to destroy her.

So Satan’s attack point continues to this day but now under an even more insidious guise.  Of course it starts out with his pulling the little girls out from under their mother’s wing when they are young and placing her in school while the mom goes to work since the career is of greater “value” and makes her feel better about herself.  When the little girls go to school the teachers indoctrinate them into becoming men when they grow up.  They are taught to excel in academics, to become leaders, and to start thinking about the wonderful career they will have.

Fast forward that into the married life of the little girl once she has thrown herself headlong into her career and she and her husband each have a job while trying to have children at the same time and pay the mortgage, car notes, and student loans.  I’ll tell you firsthand that this lady does not know which way is up.  She is constantly torn between being a mother and a worker, so after a few, maybe 2 rounds of that, she really drops her femininity by having herself mutilated (a mortal sin) in order to not have any more children.

Again, that’s the obvious manifestation, but then there’s another.  We also have the good Catholic mom who is so sacrificial as to see the value of raising her own children that she foregoes a paying job to stay home; she may even homeschool her children.  But then since she’s been through the indoctrination of the feminists’ school system that’s not enough for her.  She has to be “involved.”  So she finds a cause and launches her attack.  It may be in politics, the Church, against abortion, dairy products or pharmaceuticals—you name it.

So I ask, what ever happened to the woman satisfied, being totally fulfilled, with being a wife and mother?  I have encountered a few such women, and they are the happiest that I know—I’m married to one.  Another very intriguing thing about this is that there are certain protestant pockets of such women and they seem to far outnumber Catholic women.  I have really had a hard time finding Catholic literature that “gets it” in this area.

Regardless, the need for the family is that of a mother whose heart is immersed in the nurturing and loving her family.  As Pope Pius XI put it in his encyclical Casti connubii (December 31, 1930) “But it (subjection) forbids that exaggerated liberty which cares not for the good of the family; it forbids that in this body which is the family, the heart be separated from the head to the great detriment of the whole body and the proximate danger of ruin. For if the man is the head, the woman is the heart, and as he occupies the chief place in ruling, so she may and ought to claim for herself the chief place in love.”  God made women to be very loving.  As I heard one lady put it:  women love deeply, but they also hurt deeply.  He also made her generally more emotional than men.  This is to emphasize her nurturing abilities—it allows her to tune into her baby and know when he’s not well or what drives her to get up in the middle of the night to tend to him.

Now the vast majority of women today are plugged into careers or staying home and championing great causes, either

young mother leaving a child/baby with a baby-sitter

while trying to have a family.  In my view, the 2 just don’t mix and are cause for family problems.  The family needs a mother who is the “heart” and “chief place of love” as the Holy Father directs.  Please note that an encyclical letter is official teaching of the Catholic Church and does not change as the society around us drifts.  I wonder as a woman is out beating the pavement to earn the daily bread, how is she able to come home and be the heart of the home.  I know personally, that it is a great consolation after working by the sweat of the brow all day to return home to a hot cooked meal and cheerful wife.  Also I wonder of the mom who has spent a significant part of her day on the internet social media circuit arguing the politics or Church outrage of the day and what kind of condition she is in to give the love her children or husband deserve and to be the heart of her home.  As was said, women hurt deeply.  When getting into discussions of this nature, opinions will vary, so arguments will ensue.  Women’s feelings get hurt, and they hold on to those feelings—it’s just their nature.

Then there’s the mother who is the heart of the home.  She beautifies it, makes it warm and loving, clean and neat, and even smelling good with hot cooked meals

Mother and Son Playing

and baking.  Ah the fortunate man whose is this home—he will never leave there and WANTS to be there even when he must be away.  She pays attention to her children, finding fun creative things for them to do and setting a good example of motherhood for her growing daughters.  She finds things that will keep her in good cheer, seeking out the beauty in God’s creation around her.  She plants flowers around the yard and sits beneath the shade trees jusExpecting Couplet to gaze at their beauty and she listens to the children laugh and play about her.  She thinks of her husband while he is away at work, toiling to provide for the family as demanded by God, and how she will greet him and appreciate their time together when he returns.  She is attentive to the needs of her husband—she is truly his helpmeet so that he can do the things for the family that he needs to do, making sure his clothes and meals are always ready.

The feminists scoff at this kind of talk, calling it chauvinistic and degrading to women.  But I can’t say that I’ve ever met a happy feminist or any of those who have taken their path.  I guess that’s what bothers me the most.   Most women I encounter today are either angry or sad.  The feminists hold up their heroes like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, or the latest darling of the conservatives Jan Brewer.  But few ever reach such notoriety.  Most end up a disaster or a regret in their wake having bought into the lie of feminism that you can have it all and you have to strive when the most beautiful of women are those who are at rest.

God bless you+