“If a mother does not return home to her place of freedom, honor, and integrity, her husband and children and grandchildren will reap even greater ills and so will our society.” Rosie Gil. The heart of the home needs to set the example of respect with a calm demeanor and pleasant peaceful voice for her children and husband.


Missy: It’s short.  It’s sweet.  It’s simple, easy reading, and it’s so real and genuine. And we can change and by the grace of God, we pray for the grace to ask the Blessed Mother to change our hearts.  “Mother Mary conform me into your image.” That’s one thing you [Kacee] thought out as you read Miss Rosie’s book, her devotion to the Blessed Mother, some of those thoughts you had.

Kacee: Yeah, she had a devotion to the Rosary at a young age and that really, it just was “Wow!” to me.  Because you know she was a young girl, and not many are going to be worried about praying, and she learned how to pray the Rosary, and she would keep the rosary in her window sill so when she laid down at night she could pray.  She learned about the importance of getting to Mass on Sunday, so she made sure she was going.  She told her mom “I’m going to go,” even if she had to walk.  So she made sure to get herself there, and that’s just inspiring. Wow! A little girl. She had that zeal.  You read about the saints who are like that.  That’s like you said [Missy], she’s going to be up for canonization, and I believe it!

Candy: Well, Missy, you mentioned heart.  You know, the old saying: the mother is the heart of the home.  That is so true.  Tell us what you think about that.

Missy: Well one of my favorite chapters in Miss Rosie’s book is called “The Vocation of Wife and Mother,” and she very much talks about mother staying home and being the heart, and being that standard there and the way we act in our homes.  And she said, “If you wish to be treated with dignity then you must set the standard and example.”  And wow how do we do that in this day in time?  We can be saints in this day in time if we pray for grace. And she talked about speaking softly and never screaming in the home.  What do you think about that, Kacee?

Kacee: That’s something I think we all struggle with, but it’s so important.

Candy: Yeah because at times you can just get, those little darlings are not darlings!

Kacee: Yeah you get frustrated. They push your buttons!  Yeah, but it’s a good practice to build your patience, to remain loving, and gentle and calm with them.  And they’re going to imitate us.

Missy: They do imitate.

Kacee: Yes, and also something.  One thing that Miss Rosie said that kind of helps me remember that she said, “This is our domestic church, and you would be offended if someone was yelling in church.” You shouldn’t yell in your home.  We’ve got to remember that Jesus is always with us, and would He approve of how we’re acting?  Would our mother Mary act like this, you know?  Think about how she was, and try to imitate her.

Candy: And talking about the church, you’re also honoring God the Father by doing what you’re doing.

Missy: Miss Rosie said, “Loud and rude tone of voices creates disrespect and even ill manners.” So that puts a lot of importance, a lot of focus on us as the heart of the home, as a wife and mother.  And that’s how important we are, and we can change, by raising our children.  She talks about the little tiny details of every day and we don’t think it’s important, and the world doesn’t see it but how important it is to have all these little decorations out and have our home as a domestic church, how we talk.

Candy: And when we don’t put them out, our kids notice that. When you make it a tradition and something that’s important, and then all of a sudden you don’t do it, it does something to them.

Missy: It creates memories, happy childhood memories.

Kacee: Missy, like you just said, having the mother home helps to make all that happen, and you hear the saying, home is where the heart is, and as the mother we are the heart of the home.  We are what makes a house a home.  If we’re not there, who’s making it a home?  And it’s from us that you we teach our children about God.  And we can teach and encourage the vocations in our children right now.  If we’re not here, and they are off at school, off at daycare, they’re not going to get that.  They’re not going to get all of that information.

Candy: And then you miss that.  You miss all the details.

Missy: You miss the details, the growing up and what they’re learning. Then we get to teach them all this and daddy gets to teach them all of this, and Miss Rosie said if she does not, “If a mother does not return home to her place of freedom, honor, and integrity, her husband and children and grandchildren will reap even greater ills and so will our society.”  And we can see in the world the result of that.  That’s why it’s so important to go back here, to these ideas, these teachings.  Even if you don’t do these things at this time, you can always learn some ideas from us, and we’re sharing what we actually do in our home.  This is real life for us.