What is Fix the Family

We at Fix the Family have great news for you: You can have a loving, blissful marriage and a very tight-knit happy faithful Catholic family even in today’s society, and it’s largely up to you. There are things you can do that will have a dramatic impact on the outcome of your marriage and family life.

“But” you say “divorce rates are still at alarmingly high levels of 50%-60% even among Catholics, and we know so many kids who have gone to 12 years of Catholic school but leave the Church as soon as they leave home. What’s a family to do? It seems like it is all just a roll of the dice as to how your family turns out.”

Those statistics and observations are so true; that’s why we’re here. Fix the Family is the flagship program of a lay Catholic teaching Apostolate (Citadel Catholic Media) started in 2010 by 2 Catholic family men. Our marriages and families have been solid, united, and faithful to the Church, but we noticed that many other families around us are not. We recognized that there is a serious problem in that the Catholic moral teaching on marriage and family, as rock-solid and beautiful as it is, has not reached the faithful. When we began looking for material to share with those around us, we found that it was either too academic and complicated or non-existent. In short, there is almost no common man’s material on the true teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage and family.

Fix the Family is here to fill that void. To meet today’s audience, our current main offering is free online short video lessons on YouTube. They can be found right here on the Video tab of our website. These are plain-spoken, straight-talk yet solid and substantive teachings of the traditional conservative Catholic family life. They’ve worked for us; they can work for you. We call it Truth Without Compromise. You don’t have to be rich or have an advanced degree to access or understand them. Just bring a willing spirit, open mind, and willingness to change.

DISCLAIMER: No content presented by Fix the Family or Citadel Catholic Media violates or contradicts Official Catholic Church Teaching, Dogma, or Doctrine. Further, content is based on such Teaching and is frequently and appropriately referenced in the content itself. Content presented is an APPLICATION of such teaching as has been practiced for centuries and generations placed in a context of contemporary living. That being said, not everything presented and recommended is necessarily REQUIRED under the pain of SIN. However, we have found that when such recommendations are followed, favorable results have been attained by families across a broad spectrum of financial classes, income levels, worker/career scales, races, and even religions. Nothing is presented for the purpose of posing an offense to anyone listening or partaking. Some may find that they are unable to implement recommendations due to their stage of life at present. That is unfortunate. So we present such recommendations to improve such situations for future generations. We welcome questions, comments, and most especially criticisms and are glad to answer and elaborate on the content AS IT IS STATED. Please listen or read thoroughly YOURSELF before making judgments, drawing conclusions, or making accusations. Seek to understand. Thank you for listening, and enjoy the show….